Central UMC Concord, NC has a plot at the Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farms right outside of town. The farm was donated to the county by the Lomax family to teach people how to be farmers. It is one of the few Certified Organic farms in the state of North Carolina. Our plot is cultivated by a group of volunteers led by Dan Barrier and Graham Wood. Central has grown hundreds of pounds of produce for local food banks.

Spring is the time to get our hands dirty! We can grow food for others and we can grow food for ourselves! You don’t need a lot of land. Raised beds or containers work great in small spaces. There are also community gardens, like the one in Concord, NC where you can rent a plot of land and work it yourself or with a group.

Need help getting started? Contact your local agricultural extension agency! Do a Google search for Community Gardens. Ask for help at your local nursery, they know your climate well! Attend plant and flower festivals.

Happy gardening!