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What is this Advent wreath all about?

Why do we light a candle each week during Advent? What do they mean? Why are they sitting in a wreath? Click this link to find out what Chuck has to say!
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What Did This Fish Eat?

In ancient Greco-Roman times, ICHTHUS was the Greek word for “fish.” In the early church sometime near the end of the first century, the word was made into an acronym or a word formed from the first letter of several words. As such, ichthus compiles to “Jesus Christ, God’s son,...
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What is this XP thing all about?

For the months of November and December, Central Online will be adding weekly explanations of Christian symbols! The first is the Chi Rho (XP) When sitting in your sanctuary, looking at an ornate cross, or even looking at the tattoo of the person sitting next to you on an...
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